Fifth Cabinet of the new Exile Government of Rhodesia

2014 to 2018

New Rhodesian Army badge, illustration by the State Herald of the RGiE.
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Head of State: The grand old man of Rhodesia

Prime Minister: Pete Owen-Smith
First Lady: Gwen Raikes
Minister of Posts & Telecommunications: Alistair Honeybun
Minister of Home Affairs: Des Sharp (1st Deputy Sheriff)
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Joe Bishop
Minister of Education: Chris Whitehead
Minister of Defence: Richard Allport
Minister of African Affairs: Robert Strickland (also the Sheriff)
Minister of Tundras: Yukon Pete
Minister of Finance: Vic MacKenzie
Minister of Sport: Peter Wightman
Minister of Transport: Ed Allen
Minister of Tourism: Tom Henshaw
Minister of Agriculture: Joseph A. Syslo
Minister of Justice: Mike Hagemann
Minister of Breweries: Les Souter
Minister of Alcoholic Inspections and Standards: Mike Cucchiara
Minister of Commerce and Industry: Rob Webb
Minister of Local Government: Henry Rudd
Minister of Mischief: Michael Lailvaux
Minister of Lore and Ordering: Mike Woods
Minister of Black and White TV: Stuart Ward
Minister of Immigration: Tim Buckley
Minister of Something or Other: Dirk du Plooy (2nd Deputy Sheriff)
Minister of Gastronomy: Delia Adams
Minister of Electronic e/Warfare: Tim Davis
Minister of Native Affairs: Rob Annandale
Minister of Health: temporarily absent
Minister of Fisheries: Liam Hillman
Minister of Bantu Affairs: Graham Patterson
Minister of Sanitation and Water Affairs: Mike Reeler
Ministers of Married Couples: Wayne Tomblin and Irene Tomblin
Minister of Music: Ricky Gass
Minister of Aviation: David Dudley
Minister of Government Affaires: Barbara Goss
Minister of Youth, Eternal or otherwise: Adam J. Scholes
Minister of Female Health and Good Shape: Robbie Fox
Minister of Middle Eastern Affairs: Ed Goldberg
Minister of Mines: Dr Isaac Goldberg
Minister of Information: John Carey
Minister of Bicycles and Chickens: Chris Higginson

Chief Whip: Vaun "Tsotsi" McLaggan
Director of Prisons: John Steff
Director of Customers and Exercise: Owen Shaw
Director Rhodesian Broadcasting Corp.: David Grant
Director of Fire/Rescue Services: Carl A. Cusumano
Poet Jacarandarate, Official Play Right and Southern Belle extraordinaire: Honor James
State Herald: Jonathan Webster, BsC

To apply for a lucrative position in the RGiE, write to address below! Bribes are not exactly compulsory, but your chances otherwise are on a par with a sperm whale trying to cross the Sahara without the benefit of a camel...

Ambassador to Confederacy: Devereaux Cannon Jr.
Ambassador to USA: Samuel van Rensburg
Ambassador to Canada: Mike Jesson
Ambassador to Portugal: Peter Eckersley
Ambassador to Greece: Nick Tselentis
Ambassador to Norway: Lars Gjertveit
Ambassador to Italy and the Republic of Padania: Marco Faraci
Ambassador to Netherlands: Daniel Laurent
Ambassador to Belgium: Dominique Houyet
Ambassador to South Africa: Charl Reid
Ambassador to Japan: Dr. Philip Bryan
Ambassador to New Zealand: Peter Bird
Ambassador to Sweden: Stefan Rustscheff
Consular General for Stockholm, Sweden: Mats Bergholm
Consular General for Vasa, Finland: Bo-Erik Hanes
Ambassador to Scotland: Bill Mauseth
Ambassador to Latvia: David Rohlfing
Ambassador to England: Kevin Law
Ambassador to Australia: Peter Nangle
South African contact/liaison for Rhodesian affairs in Queensland: Louis Coetzee
Ambassador to Canary Isles: Carol Moore
Ambassador to France: F Michael Engel
Ambassador to Germany: Alex Held
Ambassador to Republic of Ireland and the Peoples' Republic of Cork: Pat Barrett
Ambassador to Poland: Thomas Darrell

Consular General for Commonwealth of Kentucky: Ron Koontz
Consular General for Missouri: Gary Hill
Consular General for Ontario: Fritz "Skuzapo" Muser
Consular General for Vlaanderen (Flanders): Yves Carpentier
Consular General for Ohio: Steve Sparks
Consular General for Alberta, Canada: Gordon Poultney
Consular General for Florida, USA: Steve Winiecke
Consular General for Hawaii, USA: (wait for it, wait for it!!!) The Rt Hon Lord Sir Tamm, Master of the Late Gasket, Rhodesian Viceroy, Rhodesian Order of Veldskoens plus 2 Bars, Island Emissary, OC Comops Pacific at JOC Houtless Hilo, Bali Raider, Kiwi Sheep expert, GSM, HAELS, and all round dashing good looks.
Consular General for Delaware, USA: K. Scott Wyatt
Consular General for Utah, USA: Fredrik Deissinger
Consul for the Port of New Orleans: Roger L. Busbice
Consular General for State of Michigan, USA: Bill Shea
Consular General for Boise, Idaho: Father James
Consular General for The Protectorate of Lake Nyasa and Surrounding Lands: Borrowdale Dan
Consular General for South Pacific Affairs:Robert Talbot-King LSS, GSS

To apply for the post of Rhodesian Ambassador in your particular country of residence, write to address below, giving RGiE as subject line!

Police and Military Appointments:

Army C in C: Field Marshall Cobus Venter
Air Force C in C: Air Marshall Greg Allport
Group Captain: Vaughan Littlewood
Navy C in C: Vice Admiral Trevor Laurie
Rhodesian South Africa Police C in C: Gary Hill
Salisbury Chief of Police: Trevor Perks (ex SADF)
Rhodesian South Africa Police, Special Operations: Brian Burnshire
Selous Scouts Training Center in Exile, New York, USA (under Royal Patronage): "Mad Mike" Wilson, Lt. General, Commander
Rhodesian SAS (Australian squadron): Braeden Johnson, OC
Rhodesian SAS (Canadian Squadron): Major JT MacKenzie, OC
Commander of Armoured Operations: Mark Schmidt
Commander of Bush Operations: Auston Butler
Director Rhodesian Institute of Strategic Studies: Prof. Stephen E. Henthorne
Military Attaché UK: Mark Baker
Naval Attaché Sweden: Commander Mats Bergholm
Senior Military Attaché to the Confederacy: Mark Hanly
Military Attaché Korea: M.R. Halferty


Field Agent 001: Jarret Smith


Official correspondence, applications for membership, offers of aid, Swiss bank account donations, praise (always welcome) or insults (you never know, we might even read them) to:

Rhodesian exile cabinet or via the Indaba Bar (see advert below).

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